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Education level Resource name Description
Through a simple video displaying numbers numerically, in text and with voiceover, students become more familiar with counting from 1-10.
Through repetitive verse and imagery students will become familiar with different shapes and objects and dimensional identity.
Year 1 Classifying shapes Introduce more advanced shapes to your students with shape cutouts, verbal descriptors and grouping activities.
Year 1 Telling the time Two captioned cartoon videos along with the opportunity to make your own clock, make this a fun lesson on telling time to the half hour.
Year 2 Basic fractions Pizza! That got your attention. Using relevant examples, students are introduced to the basics of fractions through games and worksheets.
Year 2
Who doesn’t like bingo? Using digital dice on an IWB, teachers combine a game of bingo with learning addition or multiplication.
Year 3
Using the story Who Sank the Boat? to set the scene, students get to splash about making foil boats and testing how much weight they can carry before sinking.
Year 4 Surveys Tallying, graphing and analysis are elements of this fun lesson around surveys.
Year 5
Students learn how to create basic budgets while getting in touch with their inner-Kermit.
Year 5
Using anything countable in the classroom (or maybe even the canteen) students learn how to create and read different types of graphs.
Year 6 Angles Students will learn how to recognise and measure right, acute and obtuse angles. Fun, online activities are provided for extension work.
Year 6 Time zones Using text and a couple of cool kids to explain how time zones work, students learn about Greenwich Mean Time and the International Date Line.
Year 7 Percentages Through practical examples of percentages students will learn the basics of them and how to express them in different quantities.
Year 8 Circle properties Students learn to calculate the circumference and area of a circle before devising their own circle 'problems' to solve together.
Year 10 Introduction to logarithm law Students learn about logarithm laws and accurately implement their use.
Year 10
The video for this lesson plan looks at the meanings of ‘rational’ and ‘irrational’ numbers, then relates them to the mathematical space.
Year 10 Statistics Using online news articles, students will research the sources, accuracy and usefulness of statistics.
Secondary General maths - Matrix multiplication Sports results, stocktaking, price lists, school attendance figures: these everyday maths problems can be solved through this example lesson plan.
Secondary Mathematical methods - Applications of differentiation How do you find rates of change and express it mathematically? You use differentiation... and Usain Bolt!
Secondary Specialist maths - Vectors in 3 dimensions In this lesson plan students will understand how to define a plane in 3-dimensions using a point and a normal vector.
Secondary Essential mathematics - Comparing data sets There's nothing like buttering up your students as 'experts' in statistical analysis. A conflict resolution is the basis for this practical overview of data sets.