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Education level Resource name Description
Foundation My family Using their own families as a basis, each student completes a family tree in order to compare and learn about different types of families.
Year 1 History of Australian money Old versus new: using images and games, students will learn of what life was like in their grandparents day, including the difference in our currency system.
Year 3 Australia Day Through symbolism and new citizens' joy, students will gain a feeling of what it means to be Australian before creating their own values shield.
Year 3
Ned’s Corner Station is an example of how people from diverse backgrounds can work together on a community project that contributes to conservation of the land and its inhabitants.
Year 4
Following the journey of Christopher Columbus in his discovery of America, this lesson introduces world navigators, timelines, historical terms and events.
Year 5
Students explore the historical significance of Elizabeth Macarthur and her family in shaping our nation, and compare points of view from past and present.
Year 6 Westminster System, lesson 1 This lesson looks at the Westminster System of parliament and its adoption around the world, including in Australia.
Year 6 Westminster System, lesson 2 Lesson two on the Westminster System studies how laws are made, including role playing and online games.
Year 6 Migration to Australia Using a personal journey of migration students will gain insight into why people migrate.
Year 7 Historical investigation in ancient Egypt, part 1 The Sphinx provides a fascinating topic to learn how history is continually investigated in modern times.
Year 7 Historical investigation in ancient Egypt part 2 In this lesson students will learn that tombs are not just places where people are buried, but that they may hold information which reflects life in ancient times.
Year 7 Kokoda Students will gain an initial understanding of an Australian soldier's experience in Kokoda.
Year 9
Using the SBS documentary Immigration Nation as a resource, students are introduced to discrimination and its role in the forming of our nation in 1901.
Year 10 Mabo Students learn about the Mabo decision through consideration of the reception of this decision by political parties and Indigenous groups at the time.
Year 10
This lesson reflects on the immigration journey of Italians during the 1960s, the ‘typical Australian’, and how these stereotypes have changed over time.

Ancient history - Who owns the past?

Focusing on the centuries-old tug of war over The Rosetta Stone, students will question the true owner of this and other artefacts from around the world.

Modern history -
Understanding the modern world

The modern world owes much to ideaology: this lesson plan focuses on imperialism, nationalism, capitalism and egalitarianism.