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Education level Resource name Description
Foundation Where I live A captioned PowerPoint slideshow gives an example of a typical home and its inhabitants, from which students can compare their own living environment.
Year 1 Places - then and now Looking at a variety of places and how their landscapes have changed with time, students will discuss local landmark changes.
Year 2 Exploring the world This example lesson plan is loaded with interactive opportunities for students to start exploring the world.
Year 3 Koalas and the Great Ocean Road Cute, furry and endangered. With lots of online resources, students will learn of the koala's plight and conservation efforts to save the species from extinction.
Year 4 The Great South West Edge Students will identify and explore strategies to protect particular environments, such as WA's Great South West Edge, that provide habitats for our native animals.
Year 5 Are we at risk? Two short captioned videos relay the impact of bushfire in Australia, providing a base for stimulus questions and activities about one of Mother Nature's most destructive forces.
Year 6 Longitude and latitude Stimulus questions, vocabulary introduction and online mapping tools provide a variety of opportunities for students. A range of other resources allow teachers to tailor this lesson plan accordingly.
Year 7 Australia's water resources Focussing on the natural hazard of drought, students will compare Australia's water resources with other countries through discussion, reporting and evaluation.
Year 8 Earthquakes as a geomorphological hazard This one's got everything from an in-depth video worksheet to creating your own emergency response plan. 
Year 9 Population growth and Australia Is Australia's population growth sustainable? Students are supplied with a range of resources to debate the question and justify a judgement.
Year 10 Land management through irrigation In this study of farming land in the Murray-Darling Basin, students will learn of the environmental concerns and management practices of the area.
Secondary Megacities Your class will take a world tour of megacities in this example lesson plan before focusing on one city each and coming together for a jigsaw presentation of megacity issues.
Secondary Sustainable places What is sustainability? That question will be answered through the range of activities and resources available in this lesson.