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Education level Resource name Description
Who Sank the Boat? provides learning opportunities for listening, responding to and joining in with rhymes, poems, chants and songs.
Year 1 Poetry A short and humorous poem is the focal point in learning about rhyming patterns and rhythm.
Year 1 Sing a Rainbow in sign language Students are introduced to different forms of communication through sign language and song.
Year 2 Cosmo the Boat Cat A beautifully illustrated captioned video is used for basic comprehension, empathy and story composition ideas.
Year 2
Engage students in the art of short stories through fun ways to display text and graphics.
Year 4 Traditional folk tales, lesson one This two-part lesson begins with studying an an African folk tale and class creation of a book version of it.
Year 4 Traditional folk tales, lesson two Part two on folk tales looks at a Dreamtime story and students compare themes and similarities.
Year 6 Language through limericks Through a number of limerick examples students will learn of their patterns and rhyming before creating and illustrating their own limerick.
Year 7
A topic sure to ignite some lively classroom discussion, this social media lesson plan around Facebook explores human relationships through technology.
Year 10 Increase your vocabulary Who knew there were so many words to replace "good" and "bad"? No more boring essays!
Year 10
Students can LOL as they explore FAQs about language from ye olde worlde to modern times.
Year 10 Close look at speeches Comparing the famous 'I have a dream' speech with a speech of a completely different style, students gain skills to utilise in their own speech.
Secondary English - Elements of narratives Students consider the variety of elements involved in narrative compositions in this example lesson plan.
Secondary English as an Additional Language or Dialect - Animals Australia: informative texts Battery hen caging is a well-known form of animal conditions that can cause debate. Missy Higgins presents her views on the topic in this lesson.
Secondary Literature - The truth in The Truman Show Satire is the theme to this lesson plan. Beyond the suggested lesson activities are a number of extension activities to explore the theme further.
Secondary Essential English - The media's hidden message The three codes used in advertising are strudied in this example lesson, accompanied by a captioned video from TedEd.