Captions help one third of students in the classroom

Media Access Australia’s major education campaign has launched for 2015. CAP THAT! targets all schools and all classrooms across Australia with a simple message: Whenever you are watching television or video you need to turn on the captions. The impact can be significant as up to one in three students in a classroom can benefit from using captions.

The CAP THAT! campaign runs for the next three months, finishing with National Literacy and Numeracy Week (31 August – 6 September). Improving literacy is one of the identified benefits of captioning. 

This is the campaign’s fifth year and it will be focusing on five main audiences for captions:

  • Deaf and hearing impaired students
  • English as a Second Language students
  • Students on the autism spectrum
  • Students who find it difficult to read
  • Educators and how to use captions as part of learning/li>

Each week we will focus on a different audience and theme and provide a mix of in-depth information, handy tips and how-to advice on using captions in the classroom. Our resources are always practical and free to use and download. 

The campaign has the ongoing support of Conexu Foundation and this year is also sponsored by Times Education Supplement (TES) Australia and Discovery Kids. CAP THAT! is also endorsed by a wide range of education authorities, caption providers and parent groups.

“If teachers follow the simple message and turn on captions in the classroom, so many students benefit,” said Media Access Australia CEO Alex Varley.

“The CAP THAT! website has free resources, and teachers can also subscribe for a free weekly newsletter that provides more information, tips and in-depth analysis of using captions in school.”

You can also follow the campaign on Twitter or like CAP THAT! on Facebook